Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wizard Amps - "Ice Guitar"

Wizard Amps was/is a recluse of a project, syrupped out "porch drone" with Josh of Grasshopper on keys and guitar duties covered by myself and Andy of Slasher Risk infamy. Little proof of existence still stands, aside from a single late night at Moultrie hastily recorded to a walkman during the Grasshopper/Slasher Risk era of occupation.

A super blink-and-you-missed-it edition of cassettes exists of the session, featuring a double A-side of the chart-topping "Ice Guitar". Long gone, copies were given away during the Grasshopper/OPPONENTS 2010 CHTTD tour. Nab the digital d/l for your iWalkman at the Free Music Archive.

Some sweet words from Nick (Cave Bears / Feeding Tube Records) at Cassette Gods:
"Great drone from the Grasshopper dudes, Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod, plus Slasher Risk shredder Andy Borsz playing what I believe to be heavily processed guitars and keys. They told me this was a "blues" tape, but aside from a moment or two that recalls a half second of a guitar lick on cough syrup, I fail to see the connection. That being said, this is the best "blues" tape I've heard in awhile. If you've ever found it hard to write about drone music then you'll understand why I ain't exactly putting out the adjectives. But trust, this is good."

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tranquility Tapes Preview

Art for forthcoming split with Mike Haley's Spectrum Tickets project on Tranquility Tapes. Caroline did an amazing job, as always.

Here's a sneak peak sample:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Riders Promo Video

A video promo for Hexbreaker Quintet's Riders, dark side of the rainbow-synch-stylee with our Canadian Quintet brethren. Available now on NNA Tapes.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

905 Sampler on Impose

Interview with super dude, and forthcoming split-mate, Mike Haley now posted on Impose Mag here.

They've included a bitchin' 905 tapes sampler that features a track from the oop Shingles "White Out" tape, a new jam from Grasshopper that kicks things off and a host of other awesome jams from Quicksails, OPPONENTS, GX and more. Also, that Sound Out Light track "Mantra UFO" is the shit.

Download it here.

01 Grasshopper, "Destroyed in Seconds" from Classical Music C20
02 GX Jupitter-Larsen from Brains On Backwash III C100 comp
03 Opponents from Scopes Sarcophagus C44
04 Quicksails, "Edgewater" from Vermillion C21
05 Shingles, "Night Beach" from White Out C30
06 Sound Out Light, "Mantra UFO" from split C41 w/ Chapels
07 Derek Rogers, "Flanked by Uncertainty" from From The World We Hid C30
08 Daniel J Moore, "Jacuse"
09 Fun & Head Molt, "2nd Perspective Mix 2" from Halftone Mud
10 Plasmic Formations, "The History of Why I Chose This"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Night Travelers @ Eldert // Profane Illuminations

345 Eldert Benefit for the Silent Barn
collab w/ Josh Slusher of OPPONENTS

also have a handful of copies of our 1st tape left over too -

Night Travelers "Profane Illuminations" c27
Deep pocket dystopian cyberpunk excursions of the beardly unknown.
J. Slusher: Synths // J. DeRosa: EVI

email bakedtapes@gmail for availability. $6ppd (domestic) / ltd. 30

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Show

If you're in the greater New York / Brooklyn area on 8/20, come here:

If you're not, go to one of these:

Taped Sounds for Night Listening

Wanted to call out a super rad solely-cassette-sourced podcast put together by the amazing Grant and Rachel Evans of Quiet Evenings/Hooker Vision/Nova Scotian Arms/MSOTT that was posted last week on

1. Super Minerals- Earth Acropolis Welcomes Panacea Home: Man the Rod, Woman the Measure, and Metabolising All Their Poisons with Ease (excerpt) [from Contacteer (Stunned Records)]
2. Sovetskaya Gone- Arapahoe Cqdorig (excerpt) [from 2182 kHz (Dial Square Tapes)]
3. Organ of Species- Migration, Malformation and Reassortment (excerpt) [from Random Selection (Notice Recordings)]
4. Perspectives- Untitled (excerpt) [from 1994/Perspectives split (Housecraft Recordings)]
5. Sky Stadium- Into the Endless Clouds (excerpt) [from Carpet Ride (Sacred Phrases)]
6. Xiphiidae- Split Tongues Conceiving Moss (excerpt) [from Slowing Atrium(House of Sun)]
7. Ous Mal- Aamuisin [from Ous Mal/Bedroom Bear split (Full of Nothing)]
8. Transmuteo- Cymatics [from Cymaglyphs (Rotifer Cassettes)]
9. Ghostrider- Hypnosis [from Demons (Hobo Cult Records)]
10. Innercity- Untitled 12 (excerpt) [from Future Life Reloaded, Part Four: The Anti-Mind and Christ Eating Olives at Temple of Broken Brains (Aguirre Records)]
11. Shingles- Thoughtlace [from White Out (905 Tapes)]
12. Sparkling Wide Pressure- Folding Folding [from Sing What You Remind Me Of (Tranquility Tapes)]

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In The Works

Yeah, so guess I should mention that Single Piece Slate swindled me out a good deal of my money and the Blood Fuel flexi lathes will likely never come. Avoid these scammers, folks. That said, working on some new archaic format releases, a few splits, some collabs and a few other odds and ends, which I don't want to jinx by spilling the beans until I'm holding them in my hands, so stay tuned.

A few new new items will be available at this guy...

August 20, 2011 - Brooklyn, NY - Avant Bored - w/ Quiet Evenings, Xiphiidae, Afterlife, Shingles & more TBA

Sunday, April 10, 2011

White Out c30 (905 tapes)

"Why Jesse DeRosa (the dude in Grasshopper with the glasses, not the hats and shoes) has waited so long to drop material from his solo effort Shingles makes no fucking sense to me. These four tracks, recorded in 2010 using only an EVI and Loopstation, are next-level impressive. DeRosa creates and manipulates multiple pastel layers, delicately maneuvering through ripples and waves of sound with hannibal lecter-esque focus. This is fine-grained fantasy music. To get similar results, pop a dark crystal vhs into your vcr, but switch the audio and video cables so you can listen to the sound that the images create. bam. white out. (edition of 50)" – label description

"A triumph in 3rd Eye opening astral tech. Bravo!" – Temple of Pei

"...offer different but complementary passageways into faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar out zones that are as deep as they are musically substantial, a rare quality in the cassette underground. As Shingles, DeRosa–one-half of the trumpet duo Grasshopper–layers up an EVI, the same kind of bending sci-fi woodwind Marshall Allen has been blowing never-often-enough with the Sun Ra Arkestra for many years. Though the landscape threatens to blossom into New Age neon throughout the side-long "Night Beach," there are enough moving parts in the melodies to make momentum, not to mention gorgeous, shifting colors." – WFMU

To procure:

Friday, March 25, 2011


I recently found myself in a creative dry spell. Hoping this blog roll will help stimulate a weird yin-yang balance of productivity/inspiration until i can convince myself it’s in my best interests to unsubscribe from netflix.

A solo c30, White Out, will be released as part of 905 Tapes’ next batch – a collection of some older improvisations on EVI. As the breakout “single”, i’m also dropping a super limited # of flexi lathes for the track “Blood Fuel” (below) with an odd b/w of free jazz via a modified sk-1. Email if you want to reserve, obviously, first come, first served. $10ppd > bakedtapes_gmail_com

SHINGLES - "Blood Fuel" from Baked Tapes.