grasshopper: goodnight, sweet prince (lp, baked)
grasshopper: classical music (c20, 905 tapes)
grasshopper: miles in the sky (reissue c20, house of alchemy)
grasshopper: calling all creeps (1-sided lp, prison tatt)
grasshopper / opponents: click here to try drugs (c40, baked)
pork lion: bajon (c7 + bizcard, baked)
hexbreaker quartet: chemical angel (c40, true color of venus)
hexbreaker quartet: crowned and conquering child (c30, true color of venus)
night travelers: profane illuminations (c27, baked)

hexbreaker quintet/quartet: riders (c40, nna)
sound out light / shingles split (2am tapes)
spectrum tickets / shingles split (tranquility tapes)

dads against vietnam / shingles split (rocket machine tapes)
shingles: god first planted a garden

sold out:
shingles: white out (c30, 905)
wizard amps: ice guitar (c40, baked)
grasshopper / wether: delaware dreamin' (c20, baked)
grasshopper: a peaceful warrior's guide to daily living (c30, anathema sound)
grasshopper: classic jazz moods (c26, pizza night)
grasshopper / twistycat split (c58, abandon ship)
grasshopper: wretched blood wraith (c24, obsolete units)
grasshopper: miles in the sky (c20, baked)
pork lion: contact high c26 (c24, baked)
budding books: maddog quarterly #1 (zine, baked)
grasshopper: kindertotenlieder (c22, baked)
jb3: all the things you are… (3" cdr, self-released)
grasshopper: if you want the million dollars... (c26, baked)
grasshopper: dads against vietnam (c50, baked)
last level: cast away your swords (c20, baked)
fairy godmothers: nifty fifty vol. 1 – battle hymn (bizcard, nqa)
fairy godmothers: a very fairy christmas (lathe 7", baked)
fairy godmothers: a star spangled tribute to joe (3" cdr, nqa)
grasshopper / insect factory split double 3" audio diaries (su!ily)


opponents: ambivalent cloud designs (obsolete units) – tape restoration
opponents: temple of decadence (opposite records) – mastering
opponents: Scopes Sarcophagus (905 tapes) - post production
clang quartet: joyful noise in the face of death (hanson records) – live recording – side b