Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Night Travelers @ Eldert // Profane Illuminations

345 Eldert Benefit for the Silent Barn
collab w/ Josh Slusher of OPPONENTS

also have a handful of copies of our 1st tape left over too -

Night Travelers "Profane Illuminations" c27
Deep pocket dystopian cyberpunk excursions of the beardly unknown.
J. Slusher: Synths // J. DeRosa: EVI

email bakedtapes@gmail for availability. $6ppd (domestic) / ltd. 30

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Show

If you're in the greater New York / Brooklyn area on 8/20, come here:

If you're not, go to one of these:

Taped Sounds for Night Listening

Wanted to call out a super rad solely-cassette-sourced podcast put together by the amazing Grant and Rachel Evans of Quiet Evenings/Hooker Vision/Nova Scotian Arms/MSOTT that was posted last week on

1. Super Minerals- Earth Acropolis Welcomes Panacea Home: Man the Rod, Woman the Measure, and Metabolising All Their Poisons with Ease (excerpt) [from Contacteer (Stunned Records)]
2. Sovetskaya Gone- Arapahoe Cqdorig (excerpt) [from 2182 kHz (Dial Square Tapes)]
3. Organ of Species- Migration, Malformation and Reassortment (excerpt) [from Random Selection (Notice Recordings)]
4. Perspectives- Untitled (excerpt) [from 1994/Perspectives split (Housecraft Recordings)]
5. Sky Stadium- Into the Endless Clouds (excerpt) [from Carpet Ride (Sacred Phrases)]
6. Xiphiidae- Split Tongues Conceiving Moss (excerpt) [from Slowing Atrium(House of Sun)]
7. Ous Mal- Aamuisin [from Ous Mal/Bedroom Bear split (Full of Nothing)]
8. Transmuteo- Cymatics [from Cymaglyphs (Rotifer Cassettes)]
9. Ghostrider- Hypnosis [from Demons (Hobo Cult Records)]
10. Innercity- Untitled 12 (excerpt) [from Future Life Reloaded, Part Four: The Anti-Mind and Christ Eating Olives at Temple of Broken Brains (Aguirre Records)]
11. Shingles- Thoughtlace [from White Out (905 Tapes)]
12. Sparkling Wide Pressure- Folding Folding [from Sing What You Remind Me Of (Tranquility Tapes)]