Sunday, April 10, 2011

White Out c30 (905 tapes)

"Why Jesse DeRosa (the dude in Grasshopper with the glasses, not the hats and shoes) has waited so long to drop material from his solo effort Shingles makes no fucking sense to me. These four tracks, recorded in 2010 using only an EVI and Loopstation, are next-level impressive. DeRosa creates and manipulates multiple pastel layers, delicately maneuvering through ripples and waves of sound with hannibal lecter-esque focus. This is fine-grained fantasy music. To get similar results, pop a dark crystal vhs into your vcr, but switch the audio and video cables so you can listen to the sound that the images create. bam. white out. (edition of 50)" – label description

"A triumph in 3rd Eye opening astral tech. Bravo!" – Temple of Pei

"...offer different but complementary passageways into faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar out zones that are as deep as they are musically substantial, a rare quality in the cassette underground. As Shingles, DeRosa–one-half of the trumpet duo Grasshopper–layers up an EVI, the same kind of bending sci-fi woodwind Marshall Allen has been blowing never-often-enough with the Sun Ra Arkestra for many years. Though the landscape threatens to blossom into New Age neon throughout the side-long "Night Beach," there are enough moving parts in the melodies to make momentum, not to mention gorgeous, shifting colors." – WFMU

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